Nerds in Mourning: The Death of Dave Arneson


Dungeon Masters, halflings, elves, dwarfs, orcs, and dragons: we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of D&D co-creator Dave Arneson, who passed away peacefully this morning in St. Paul. He was 61. But instead of merely grieving Dave, let us celebrate him. His 12-sided die. His Dungeon Master’s Guide. His contributions to the world of LARPing; to easy pop-culture stereotypes; to Freaks & Geeks (and therefore James Franco. My God, he’s EVERYWHERE.); to one of our most favorite Weezer songs, that we will always like — no matter how silly Rivers Cuomo gets, or how terrible their new releases are.

I’ve got the Dungeon Master’s Guide. I’ve got a 12-sided die. I’ve got Kitty Pryde And Nightcrawler too Waiting there for me. Yes I do, I do.