What to Buy at the ‘Friday Night Lights’ Charity Prop Auction


The final season of Friday Night Lights made its NBC premiere last Friday (although the episodes already aired, several months ago, on DirecTV’s 101 Network). We’re already mourning the loss of our favorite fictional Texas town and the characters we love so much. But, if you’ve got some extra cash lying around, here’s a nice way to ease the pain: purchase a piece of the show’s history. NBC is auctioning off a slew of FNL memorabilia, with all proceeds funding football programs for needy kids. There are just about five days left to bid, and the top offers on most items are still reasonable, with prices ranging from $26 (for awful JD McCoy’s shirt) to $430 (for an East Dillon Lions poster schedule). Check out what’s on our wishlist after the jump.

Here’s a tearjerker — the Garrity family’s photo album, including that wonderful photo of “Pam and Buddy” on their wedding day.

Dillon Panthers beer pong, anyone?

Make Vince Howard’s trophies your own.

Haven’t you always wanted to take a peak at Coach Taylor’s playbook?

Don’t even tell us what you’re going to do with Tim Riggins’s prison uniform, okay? And how could we forget Matt Saracen’s ubiquitous hoodies?

We can still see Tyra in this outfit… We know she’s gone off to be Wonder Woman, but we still miss her. Meanwhile, is Tami Taylor not the world’s most stylish mom?