Wanted: Peeps of Catan Board Game


When it comes to Easter candy, we’ve never been big fans of Peeps — or jelly beans, or bubble gum eggs, or any other non-chocolate treats, really. That said, the idea of using the sugary chicks to build a new version of the beloved-if-totally-nerdy German board game Settlers of Catan? Pure genius. As Erin Zimmer over at Serious Eats warns, “The Peeps’ heads might not be the most stable platform for setting up cities and settlements and building the longest roads. Also, the bunnies sometimes have trouble wielding around giant cards, so they could use your help if you wouldn’t mind holding them.” Also: some players might be slightly disturbed that upside down decapitated chicks = sheep. But who cares when it looks so pretty, right? Head over to Serious Eats for the instructions on how to set up your board, and be sure to let us know in the comments if you plan on giving it a try.