Gallery: Learn Something Every Day


Illustrated by We Are Young studio creators Peter Jarvis and Gethin Vaughn, Learn Something Every Day is a web-based design serial that sets out to make us, yes, learn something every day. The daily UK single-pane cartoon has already taught us that the longest beard was just over six feet long, the first robot was a duck, and that humans share about 50% of DNA with bananas. Inspired by their own animated blog, Young has assembled a kind of visually and mentally stimulating perpetual calendar in book form, where a different quirky fact is matched with an equally endearing drawing, one for every day of the year. It’s not out till May 3, but for those who can’t wait to learn that oysters can change gender, or that the oldest goldfish was 43, check out Learn Something Every Day on Facebook or download the free iPhone app. In the meantime, we scored a sneak peek to the book; below is an excerpt from Learn Something Every Day, published with permission from Perigee books, a division of Penguin Group.