Muammar Qaddafi: An Irreverent Sartorial Analysis


Here at Flavorpill, we don’t really consider Libyan dictators to be our go-to folks or fashion inspiration or, well, anything, for that matter. But, today, UnBeige reports that one of Qaddafi’s advisers invited The New York Times’ director of T Magazine Horacio Silva to visit Tripoli and feature the leader’s closet. The idea? Such a profile would help get a retrospective on Qaddafi’s style green-lit by the Met, so the clothes can be properly revered and protected in case the country’s turmoil threatens the garments. The adviser writes, “Our President is one of the very best dressed men of the last half century.” If you ask us, that’s a pretty big claim, and probably one to be judged by someone not under Qaddafi’s thumb. Instead, we’re going to answer the world’s burning question ourselves: just how does Qaddafi’s style rank in to the political sartorial world? Does he deserve more or less closet envy than the average dictator? Check out our roundup after the jump.

Here, Qaddafi layers a bright white suit under his traditional Arabic bisht, taking to this season’s color-blocking trend in a way no other political leader has mastered.

We like to call this one “criminal dictator meets Tommy Bahama” — perfect for when a guy wants to give off that effortless, laid-back political vibe.

A bright red embroidered kufi for Qaddafi and — yet again — Obama doesn’t even bother to change his American flag pin. Come on, guy!

Another monochromatic outfit — this time evoking a purple cobra. This ensemble screams Prince, but his attitude is all Kanye.

Is that Bono? No, it’s just Qaddafi, rocking the stunna shades in a military jacket — exactly the kind we’ve had our eye on, too.

Qaddafi pulls of a surprising twist on the Dr. Evil jacket; his fresh light peach bisht and “I don’t care” hair acts as a refreshingly airy palette for his perpetually-multiplying military decorations.

We’re loving not only the flow of this ensemble has while he struts, but how it blends in such an unexpected way with the outfits of his “bodyguards,” also known as the hot women in military garb who follow him around. Yep, nothing unusual there at all.

As much as we love his use of color and texture, we’re really curious about that shining gold pole behind him. Is it a scepter? Oh, please let it be a scepter. There’s no accessory like it, really.

Qaddafi gets adventurous with headwear in France. We’re pretty sure this isn’t faux fur, though. Bad dictator!

That rich salmon is really working for Qaddafi in the panache department. The same can’t be said for his bodyguard, though, who’s lacking a little in the creativity department. Mix it up, lady! This is Libya, not Liechtenstein. Gosh.