From Amélie to Tony Stark: The 15 Best Bedrooms on Film


People in movies have all the luck. They always tend to sleep in perfect, gorgeous bedrooms that expertly match their character. Not to mention, their rooms are perpetually in a state of perfect tidiness (or perfect disarray, as the case may be) and only include important artifacts – much unlike our own, which are filled with those pesky and non-picturesque accessories necessary to life, like checkbooks and gym clothes. On a lazy, pre-Easter Saturday like this one, we thought we’d tantalize all of those reading from their own personal bedchambers with our list of our 15 favorite movie bedrooms, from the glamorous to the bookish to the bizarre. You just might get inspired to redecorate. Or to rent Clueless. Either way.

Amélie’s bedroom in Amélie

Amélie’s bedroom is the ultimate in quirky French-girl esotericism. But a girl who loves Michael Sowa is a girl after our own hearts.

Cher’s bedroom in Clueless

This is exactly what every teen valley girl wants: to live in a mansion in a room where every surface is covered in clothes.

Margot’s room in The Royal Tenenbaums

The library of plays is only one of many elements in Margot’s room. The others include fantastic zebra wallpaper, a ballet barre, a typewriter, a record collection, and one home-altered glove.

Anthony Stark’s bedroom in Iron Man

That’s not actually his view — that’s a Ray Bradbury-esque interactive wall that lets Stark control the room. Come on, Robert Downey Jr, don’t you know what happened in “The Veldt”?

Kitty’s bedroom in Dinner at Eight

It’s like a big white wedding cake with only the bride on top.

Andie Walsh’s bedroom in Pretty in Pink

It’s pretty in pink, all right.

Kat Stratford’s bedroom in 10 Things I Hate About You

Full disclosure: your author copied this all-over collaged look in her teen bedroom… and for one year in college. What? It’s cool.

Reuben’s bedroom in Ocean’s Thirteen

You just can’t argue with gold on gold.

Charley’s bedroom in A Single Man

Floral on fur on diamond patterns never looked so good. Even the mirror is patterned.

Fanny’s bedroom in Funny Girl

A monochrome masterpiece.

The hotel room in Hotel Chevalier

Yes we know it’s a hotel room, but there’s something so stupendous about the bright yellow bedspread matched with the headboard and the quality of light you see everything in. Magic.

Marie Antoinette’s bedroom in Marie Antoinette

I mean, no brainer. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by cake while someone else dresses you?

Nina’s bedroom in Black Swan

Nina’s bedroom isn’t so much covetable as it is alarming – but it’s a stunning example of perfect set design. Nina’s room is the only room in the apartment with any color at all, and it’s overwhelmingly pink (much like Andie’s room) at an age when it feels jarringly inappropriate. Masterfully designed.

Geneviève’s bedroom in The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The technicolor alone gets it onto our list.

Donna’s bedroom in Mamma Mia!

Can we please sit on our mother’s lap in her Grecian hotel paradise bedroom, the sun streaming in onto our bare feet? Thanks.