Understated Street Art: 365 Art Jars Released in the Wild


While poking around over at 365, we came across this lovely, understated street art/community performance art project by British artist Kirsty Hall. She explains, “Every day during 2011, I’m going for a walk where I release an art jar into the wild for people to find. The jars are documented on the blog, usually daily. To my great delight, people have enthusiastically entered into the spirit of the project by reporting their finds and some have even been repositioning the jars for others to find.” We wish we lived in Bristol so that we could be on the lookout for Hall’s charming art jars – it’s like an Easter egg hunt every day, only instead of chocolate bunnies, you find art. Click through to see some of Hall’s jars, both up close and in situ, and click here to see more and follow along with her project.

Jar no. 111

Jar no. 111 in situ

Jar no. 105

Jar no. 105 in situ

Jar no. 103

Jar no. 103 in situ

Jar no. 100

Jar no. 100 in situ

Jar no. 91

Jar no. 91 in situ