Karl Lagerfeld Makes Ice Cream Ad, Book-Scented Perfume


Well, the weirdest man in fashion is at it again. Karl Lagerfeld’s well-documented obsession with books — he apparently owns 300,000 of them, and photos of his library have been making the blog rounds for months — has inspired him to create a new, book-scented perfume called Paper Passion. According to Geza Schön, the perfumer working on the project, “the fragrance will have a fatty note” reminiscent of linoleum. Of course, Lagerfeld is hardly the first to make a book-inspired scent; in addition to the three The Independent lists, we’re partial to CB I Hate Perfume’s In the Library.

Meanwhile, Lagerfeld has also delved into the advertising arts. UnBeige points us to the first in a series of three commercials for Magnum Ice Cream, the frozen treat that kind of sounds like a condom brand. In this two-minute confection, Rachel Bilson (who appears in all of the spots) is a model who can do no right, infuriating a finicky photographer. But as soon as she spots a gent eating a Magnum and secures one for herself, she’s brilliant. This, from a man who subsists entirely on vegetables, Diet Coke, and the blood of virgins! Watch the ad after the jump and click here to check out the supremely bizarre making-of video.