Are These the Most Influential Magazines of the Year?


Adweek — the advertising trade that recently re-launched with a more populist mission — has released its 31st annual Hot List, counting down what it deems the ten most influential magazines of the year. Now, if anyone had asked us to predict a few of their picks, we would have come up with a completely different list. To be honest, we don’t subscribe to any of the titles that made the cut — although we do often read a few of them online — and we don’t feel like we’re really missing out as a result. So, make your predictions now, see the list after the jump, head to Adweek to read more about each selection, and tell us which publications you think should have made the top ten in the comments.

1. Food Network Magazine

2. Marie Claire

3. Elle Decor

4. Wired

5. GQ

6. People StyleWatch

7. Cosmopolitan

8. Rolling Stone

9. Businessweek

10. Vanity Fair