Free Art Heals the Pain of Parking Tickets


It’s every city driver’s recurring nightmare: You’ve driven around for half an hour trying to find a parking space, wedged your vehicle into the tight space between two SUVs — and then, you get caught up in whatever you’re doing, forget to feed the meter, and get stuck with a ticket. Although it can’t get you out of paying what you owe (a sharp eye for errors on the ticket, however, can), New York’s Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project will certainly help you get over what could be a day-ruining affair.

Here’s how it works: PTERP hand-writes a comforting note on a slip of paper, invites artists, kids, and normal civilians to decorate the other side, and slips the completed pieces into the envelopes that await parking ticket recipients. “Through the guerilla placement of art alongside issued parking tickets, PTERP will help restore emotional balance to New York, The World, The Universe,” PTERP writes. Watch a video of the project in action and see a few images from PTERP after the jump.

[via Gothamist]