The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Feminist punk legend Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spex (aka Marianne Elliot Said) has died after a battle with breast cancer. She was only 53. [via NME]

2. Flavorpill favorite Sam Lipsyte has a new short story in this week’s New Yorker. Read it in full here.

3. In other New Yorker-related news, after entering for years, Roger Ebert has finally won the magazine’s weekly cartoon caption contest. Check out his winning entry here.

4. Do not believe the vicious rumor that the last company still making typewriters recently shut down its plant in Mumbai. There are still plenty of other typewriter manufacturers in the world, and that plant actually shuttered way back in 2009. [via Gawker]

5. Interesting news: Marisa Tomei may be the female lead in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming pilot for HBO, and Olivia Munn is in talks to join the project as well. [via Deadline]

Bonus link: New Yorkers John Belitsky And Dan Wuebben Take Taxi to Los Angeles (Really)