Nerd Alert: Museum of Math to Open in New York


We’ve got MoMA, MoCA, even MoSex. Now, prepare yourself for the museum geeks only dared to dream of: MoMath. Conceived after a small mathematics museum on Long Island closed and funded in part by a generous grant from Google, New York’s MoMath is the pet project of former hedge-fund analyst Glen Whitney. Its ambitious mission is to liberate math from the “tyranny of the curriculum and the almost treadmill of standardized testing,” making numbers fun again. The museum has been in the works since 2008, with a traveling exhibition called Math Midway traversing the US for the past two years. Its board has already raised $22 million of the $30 million needed to open MoMath in Chelsea next year. Want to help them meet their goal? You can donate to MoMath here. [via UnBeige]