Jose Duarte’s Handmade, Lo-Fi Infographics


As computer-aided design continues to advance, high-quality infographics have sprung up all over the internet. Photographer Jose Duarte is doing something different. His “handmade visualizations” incorporate balloons, string, tape, sidewalk chalk, and — most remarkably — his plant-filled surroundings, both indoors and outside. A series on the state of the internet in 2010 compares Lady Gaga’s number of Twitter followers to Al Gore’s, reveals that 90 percent of all email is spam, and more. Click through a gallery of Duarte’s images after the jump, and if you’re interested in making your own lo-fi infographic, you can write to the artist for a free tool-kit.

Internet users 2000-2010

[via Atlantic Wire]

The most popular world domains

Number of real vs. spam emails sent daily

Internet users by country

Twitter followers comparison