The Flavorpill Mixtape: Junior Boys, Flaming Lips, Thee Oh Sees


Happy royal wedding week, everyone. If you’re anything like us then you will be…well, not paying attention. If all the British royalty hype is making you crazy, then the only solution is to plug in some headphones and ignore it to the tune of this week’s mixtape. We’ve got new ones from the Flaming Lips, Liturgy, and Thee Oh Sees, not to mention Seattle’s dreamy Seapony and Belfast’s Girls Names. To snap them up, right click + “Save As” or scroll to the bottom to download the whole mix.

1. “Prisoner of Love” by Jessica 6 [ft. Antony]

Brooklyn funk-disco group Jessica 6 met while playing with Hercules & the Love Affair, and they’ve been churning out angular, synth-heavy sounds ever since. “Prisoner of Love” is off their upcoming debut album (also called Prisoner of Love) and features a duet with Antony Hegarty, of Antony and the Johnsons fame.

2. “Blue Star” by Seapony

Seattle fuzz-rock group Seapony’s debut LP Go With Me is hitting shelves just in time for summer. “Blue Star” is a humid, sweat-soaked morsel, perfect for a lazy hammock day soundtrack.

3. “Drug Chart” by the Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips’ colorful antics produced their new EP, dubbed Gummy Skull because the delivery device was — no kidding — an actual life-sized gummy skull with a USB drive embedded in it. Luckily, you don’t have to track down the perishable and possibly delicious originals on eBay (there were only 500 sold) — all of the new songs, “Drug Chart” included, are available to stream online.

3. “Banana Ripple” by Junior Boys

“Banana Ripple” is the closing track from Junior Boys’ upcoming album It’s All True, and it’s a whopper: nine minutes of careening, energetic synthesizer and musings on various kinds of ice cream. Awesome.

4. “Dinner” by Blood Orange

Speaking of synth-fests, Blood Orange’s “Dinner” sounds like some lost Prince material circa 1986, sultry and still danceable. Blood Orange is the side project of Dev Hynes, of Test Icicles fame. He’s set to release an album in late summer.

5. “Generation” by Liturgy

It’s no secret that we love us some Liturgy, and “Generation” has all the neck-whipping goodness and frenzied guitar playing that you could hope for. It’s ecstatic and noodling, closer to the No Wave experimental guitar of Glenn Branca than stylized black metal.

6. “I Need Seed” by Thee Oh Sees

“I Need Seed” is the first single from psychedelic lo-fi group Thee Oh Sees’ upcoming album Castlemania. Look for the LP on June 14th.

7. “Stay Awake” by the Globes

Washington-based experimental quartet the Globes are out this week with their debut album, Future Self . Their single “Stay Awake” is punchy with a tough edge, a pleasant 1990s throwback.

8. “Seance on a Wet Afternoon” by Girls Names

Belfast garage trio Girls Names sound exactly like an Irish afternoon — gritty, foggy, a little over-saturated. Their debut album Dead to Me is out this week.

9. “Love to Get Used” by Matt Pond PA (Click through to download)

Indie strummers Matt Pond PA have a new album out this week, Dark Leaves, which features more of Pond’s gorgeous, quietly catchy voice. We expect to see this track running over the credits of every summer movie.

Grab the whole mix here