Ranking the Hats at the Royal Wedding from Best to Worst


If like us, you tuned in to watch the Royal Wedding this morning (let’s be honest, it was on every channel), you might have found the whole thing a little understated — even for 7am. Don’t get us wrong: We loved Kate Middleton’s Grace Kelly-inspired dress, and found the ceremony itself totally charming, what with all of the googly eyes they were making at one another. But it was also kind of boring. The one thing that managed to spice things up for us was playing a game of eye spy for all of the crazy hats in the crowd. After the jump, check out 10 of our favorites, ranked from best to worst. Our apologies, Camilla.

1. Princess Eugenie of York and Princess Beatrice of York

2. Santa Montefiore and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

3. Miriam Gonzalez

4. Victoria Beckham

5. Zara Phillips

6. Lady Fredrick Windsor

7. Countess of Wessex

8. Chelsy Davy

9. Queen Elizabeth II

10. Duchess of Cornwall

All images via People.com.