True Blood Season 4: Magic Happens


If you’re like Flavorpill, you’re keen for pretty much any tidbit of information you can get about the upcoming season of True Blood. Will gentlemanly vampire Bill Compton somehow prove to his feisty human lover Sookie Stackhouse that lying to her for three entire series wasn’t the fairly shitty move it appeared to be? Will Season 4 be as ragingly camp as Season 3 was? And will Ryan Kwanten’s southern accent hold up for another 12 episodes? All these questions remain to be answered – but now, at least, there’s a place to ask them.

A couple of months back, the folks at HBO quietly set up a blog called “Inside True Blood”, run by Alan Ball’s assistant Gianna Sobol. Up until now, it’s largely been given over to publicity type material, profiles of crew members and production information – all of which is interesting reading, but none of which has given a great deal away about what’s in store when the series returns to screens on June 26.

However, of late Sobol’s been answering questions from fans, and in the process, at least one part of the plot for Season 4 has been revealed. In part of what appears to be True Blood‘s effort to run through a full roll-call of supernatural beings, the latest addition to the show will be… witches. And magic. (If you’ve read Charlaine Harris’ books, this probably won’t be a surprise, but otherwise, read on.) Apparently there’s been much discussion among the show’s writers as to how to depict said magic, and how to characterize the witches in question. We await the results with interest.

The floor is open for other questions from fans, so get writing if you’re so inclined – so long as your question isn’t one of the four that Alan Ball “will NOT answer”: – Where is Sookie? – Where is Tara? – Do Sookie and Bill reconcile? – Do Sookie and Eric get together?

Apart from that, it’s open slather. Excellent.