Video of the Day: Daft Punk, Orchestral Style


School orchestras tend to be somewhat straight-laced – an Ode to Joy here, a bit of Handel or Bach there… All very pleasant and well-intentioned, but not exactly cutting edge. So hats off to Dublin’s Trinity Orchestra – the only entirely student-run orchestra in Ireland, apparently – who threw convention out the window by performing Daft Punk’s Discovery from start to finish in February. A video surfaced on YouTube this week of the encore to the show – a medley of “One More Time”, “Aerodynamic”, “Da Funk”, “Superheroes”, “Around The World” and “Crescendolls”. It’s really pretty impressive, and way cooler than anything we got to do in music class at school.

We particularly like the kid absolutely tearing up the fretboard at about 2:20. Epic!