Throw a Knife, Save the Coney Island Sideshow


Dick Zigun, the unofficial Mayor of Coney is going the extra mile to help support the arts and culture organization he founded over three decades ago. Coney Island U.S.A., the non-profit based out of the Coney Island Circus Sideshow are having their annual fundraiser and gala Thursday April 16 at Manhattan’s swank M2 Ultralounge.

This fundraiser helps to support the Mermaid Day Parade and all the fun programs the folks at the Sideshow do for us all summer that include a film festival, burlesque, the Coney Island Museum, and even a school for sideshow performers. Dick is willing to put his name(sake) and life on the line by acting as the target for the world famous knife thrower, The Great Throwdini!. He’s the world’s fastest knife thrower and holder of 21 world records!

Here’s the kicker: Patrons will have the chance to take Dick’s life into their hands by sponsoring a knife for Throwdini to launch at Dick’s bits at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. We don’t know many of Dick’s enemies, but if they show up en-masse it could make for a VERY interesting evening. When asked why would anyone would agree to do this, the brave (if a little nuts) Mr. Zigun said, “I’ve spent the last three decades of my life spilling blood, sweat and tears for Coney Island USA, what’s a little more? New York State’s Arts funding has been slashed to ribbons so this seemed like a fitting way to respond and help make sure that Coney Island USA’s doors stay open.”

Though Mr. Throwdini has an excellent safety record, Dick has been described as “… kind of twitchy…” by Coney Island U.S.A. Board President Mark Alhadeff. Alhadeff adds, “…with a knife thrown directly at [Dick] he is liable to jump and catch one in a sensitive spot.”

A Web site has been dedicated to this opportunity so people from all over the world can fork over some dough to possibly cut Dick down to size (an excellent Mother’s Day gift for the right lady). Tickets to Coney Island USA’s 2009 Benefit Gala can be bought online here.