Flaming Lips Release EP In Marijuana-Flavored Brain


Occasionally, we come across a piece of news that seems waaaaay too strange to be true. But still, here goes: the Flaming Lips are releasing a new version of their Gummy Skull EP, which was originally released on a USB stick embedded inside a life-sized skull made out of the same gelatinous candy stuff that’s used to make Gummi Bears. Right. The new version, which was hand-delivered by Wayne Coyne to record stores yesterday, features a special new marijuana-flavored brain. It also carries also a live version of The Soft Bulletin, which is enough to make all the accompanying silliness a compelling proposition. If you can somehow get your hands on a marijuana-flavored Flaming Lips gummy skull, it’ll set you back $150; failing that, you can watch a video of the whole strange business – featuring Coyne and a miscellaneous stoner dude – after the jump.

WTF, indeed.

[via Consequence of Sound]