Dave DeVries’ Realistic Interpretations of Children’s Drawings


If you actually stop and look at them, children’s drawings are really fascinating. You can spend hours thinking about the way kids’ brains transfer the world they see onto paper, emphasizing certain characteristics of their subjects in a way that’s more conceptual than literal, or the fact that children everywhere – no mater what their socioeconomic or cultural context – seem to draw in broadly the same way. Jersey artist Dave DeVries – whose work we stumbled upon via Lost At E Minor – takes the idea of analyzing children’s work one step further, by rendering their creations as fully-fledged, realistic (if somewhat cartoon-esque) paintings. His project The Monster Engine has been exploring this idea for a decade, and the results are both beautiful and fascinating.

There’s more information about the artist and his work, including an online store where you can buy prints and/or copies of his book, at his website.