FW Exclusive: Listen Up J.J. Abrams, Danny Boyle Can Help Save the Enterprise


When SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE director DANNY BOYLE told IO9 that he would never do another space movie because they’re so difficult to get right, we knew he’d have some excellent advice for J.J. ABRAMS.

In case you’ve been living in a cave the CLOVERFIELD director is currently busy at work on the new STAR TREK movie, which excited Trekkies know comes out this May.

Abrams has written a space flick before, but this will be his first time directing one — and with many longtime fans already worried about his plans to reinvent the franchise, the pressure is on.

Read what Boyle told us (after having a good chuckle to himself) after the jump.

“Oh, god yes. I’d say don’t spend too long in editing. Walk away from it and let them finish the computer graphics (CG). The CG is so slow in arriving that you keep editing. You get bored with the way it is, the way it should be, and you just start changing the film for perverse reasons — because you’re coming into the cutting room everyday and you might as well do something while you’re all sitting there. When you’re done filming, have a holiday, and then come back. That’s what I wish I’d done with Sunshine.”

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