Weekend Procrastination: Virtual Fridge Magnet Poetry


You know those fridge magnet words that were all the rage a few years back? The ones that gave you a series of words that you could rearrange however you wanted? You could generally judge the level of pretentiousness of a place’s residents by whether their fridge was adorned with earnest poetry or Beavis and Butthead-style humor, and amuse yourself at house parties by surreptitiously converting the former into the latter. As part of the LA Times Festival of Books, Chapman University has come up with a similar idea on a grand scale – visitors to the university’s booth at the Festival can take a photo of themselves with a word of their choice, and then anyone who logs onto this website can create phrases out of the various words available – there are loads to choose from. (We like the guy who wrote “unfadeable” – a Snoop & Dr Dre fan, maybe?) See some examples after the jump.