The Morning's Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Fast Five, the fifth film in the Fast and the Furious franchise, earned $83.6 million in its debut weekend, setting a box office record for Universal in the process. The takeaway: Expect that six film to hit theaters any day now… [via Vulture]

2. “It’s exhausting. It takes a lot more energy than I had expected. I sort of think of it as a bipolar thing. There’s moments where Carson is manically up and others where she’s super-depressed, so it’s a roller coaster to play and I’m so tired by the end of the day.” – Suzanne Vega discusses her new 90-minute play about Carson McCullers, which opens this week.

3. Washed Out has debuted the cover art for Within and Without, the band’s long awaited LP which is due out on July 12th from Sub Pop. Take a look at the racy image, and download the lead single, “Eyes Be Closed,” here.

4. Check out the new poster and trailer for Jane Campion’s updated version of Sleeping Beauty, which stars Emily Browning. [via ONTD]

5. If last night’s big news has inspired you to do some reading, New York Times critic Michiko Kakutania has put together a list of books about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. [via ArtsBeat]

Bonus link: The Top 125 Comic Book Writers