Good News, Maybe: Pixies to Record Again


If you’ve seen Stephen Cantor and Matthew Galkin’s most excellent Pixies documentary loudQUIETloud , you probably came to the same conclusion about the Pixies that we did – they largely hate one another, they’re not going to record again, and that’s probably not such a bad thing. So it was with some surprise that we read the news this morning that the band are apparently planning to head back into the studio after their Doolittle tour finishes later this month. Their last album was 1991’s Trompe Le Monde, and if their new material even vaguely approaches the quality of that record – let alone the majesty of their opening trio of Surfer Rosa , Doolittle and Bossanova – it’ll be welcome indeed. But the record of bands who’ve recorded new material after long breaks is patchy, to say the least. So will this new album be the Pixies’ answer to the Stooges’ The Weirdness , or a triumphant return? All we can do is wait and cross our fingers it’s the latter.