Moby + David Lynch = “Shot in the Back of the Head”


Per today’s post on his online journal, Moby will release his next album, wait for me, on June 30. Why are we writing about MOBY you ask? Because you’ve magically teleported to 1999. Actually, we just really love when famous people go gaga over one another. “i started working on the album about a year ago, and the creative impetus behind the record was hearing a david lynch speech at bafta, in the uk,” Moby explains in the announcement. “david was talking about creativity, and to paraphrase, about how creativity in and of itself, and without market pressures, is fine and good.”

How did Lynch end up working on the video for this instrumental piece? We’ll let Moby field that one: “i sent him the music and said, ‘please do whatever you want’. so he sat down and drew some animation that is very dark and beautiful. david lynch is my favorite film director, and i’m really happy to have him as the first video director on ‘wait for me’.” Weird but cool right?

So what do you think? Does this track make you want to hear more? Are you mad we even brought up Moby? Remember when he used to fight with Eminem? God we’re old.

Update: We just got this email from ISSSUE Project Room. “Help support ISSUE Project Room’s continued growth as New York’s foremost venue for avant-garde performance and art. Come celebrate ISSUE’s recent selection as occupant for the glorious McKim Mead and White theater space at 110 Livingston Street. Join us at 6:30 p.m. for an intimate pre-performance cocktail party with award-winning recording artist, Moby. Hear advance tracks from his forthcoming album, meet and talk with the artist, and enjoy a sneak-preview of his new music video directed by David Lynch. Enjoy Moby’s first ever ambient/electronic set at 8:00 p.m.”