Craigslist: HBO's 'How to Make It in America' Seeking Hipsters


Over at the Drowned in Sound message boards, one sharp-eyed music fan has discovered a Craigslist gem. When a posting is titled “HBO’s How To Make It In America looking for featured Hipsters (Manhattan and Brooklyn),” you just know it’s going to deliver the goods. Sure enough, it does. The following selection pretty much says it all, combining the tongue-in-cheek attitude a shrewd casting director surely deemed necessary for luring the wild hipster with some unintentionally hilarious juxtapositions and unfortunate grammar screw-ups. To wit:

“So have you ever been called a hipster? Deny being one but own various wardrobe and sport a hairstyle that is considered non-mainstream.? Got any cool tattoos? Have a awesome beard or ironic mustache.? Have some cool vintage dresses? Did you make it to the LCD Soundsystem farewell show or desperately wanted to? If any of these things pertain to you, you’re probably just right for the show. Basically we are looking for some cool interesting types to feature on the episode. Looking for model types too.” Cool and interesting over here; models types over there. And never the twain shall meet.