10 'Smells Like Teen Spirit Covers' That Are Worse Than Miley's


Now that Osama bin Laden has been vanquished, the internet can move on to its next public enemy: Miley Cyrus. Yesterday, word spread that Hannah Montana covered Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at a concert in Ecuador. Cue unanimous outrage.

Of course, as any long-suffering Nirvana fan will tell you, Cyrus’ is hardly the first ridiculous “Teen Spirit.” In fact, the song has been used and abused by just about every artist looking to build his non-conformist caché. While we’ve heard a few inspired covers — of Montreal does a spirited live version, and Patti Smith intersperses Cobain’s lyrics with her own poetry — the vast majority are terrible. (We’re going to abstain from taking a position on the Tori Amos’.) We’ve collected ten “Smells Like Teen Spirit” covers that are worse than Miley’s — including Paul Anka, Limp Bizkit, and even Michael Bublé — after the jump.

Smells Like Lounge Spirit: Paul Anka

We hear what you’re saying: “Hey, Johnny Cash did that great cover of ‘Hurt.'” True. Paul Anka, sir, you are no Johnny Cash.

Smells Like Beatbox Spirit: Dokaka

Impressive? Yes. Unnecessary? That too.

Smells Like Hot Topic Spirit: Flyleaf

If the interview that precedes the performance doesn’t make you nauseous, just wait for the chorus.

Smells Like A Cappella Spirit: The Flying Pickets

Just because you can do it (and you haven’t totally convinced us that you can) doesn’t mean you should.

Smells Like Boy Band Spirit: Take That

Stop effing up the lyrics, and for the love of God, please put your shirt back on.

Smells Like Classical Spirit: David Garrett

Nothing says “Classical music is kewl!” quite like massacring a rock song.

Smells Like Swing Spirt: Julien, from French-language TV

Allo, allo, allo, allo!

Smells Like Moms-Throwing-Panties Spirit: Michael Bublé

1. So, um, is lounge-singer “Smells Like Teen Spirit” a meme now? 2. Are we missing the point of using this as a lead-in to “Fever”?

Smells Like Overproduced R&B Spirit: Tamara Wellons

You seem to have a nice voice, Tamara. Why did you use it to do this?

Smells Like Nookie Spirit: Limp Bizkit


Because we can’t in good conscience leave you with such a sour taste in your mouth, we offer this wonderful appropriation: Bill Nye the Science Guy presents “Smells Like Air Pressure” by Nyevana