FW Exclusive: One Day You and Christina Augilera Might Get Inside Lady GaGa’s Hot Pants


Twenty-two year old LADY GAGA has a back story that sounds like a bad high school romance — almost.

A few years ago L.A. REID heard her singing down the hallway from his office, decided she was a star and signed her to DEF JAM on the spot. According to the budding pop star he never spoke to her again, and then dropped her three months later.

And thus LG landed at INTERSCOPE, released a debut album, THE FAME, kissed KATY PERRY in France, and scored a coveted spot opening for the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK on their current stadium tour — which is surprisingly the hottest selling reunion since the Police. “Those are my boys,” she explained to us. “They are so so talented and incredible and I learn so much from them…they are so so humble.” Fifteen years out of the spotlight will do that.

Ok, so maybe she needs some better role models, but if you like pop music, GaGa is the lady to know right now thanks to her recent hit, “Just Dance”. After the jump, our exclusive interview with the quickly rising star who is being touted as the next MADONNA.

Flavorwire: You have a strong signature look — handcrafted hot pants, bikini tops, etc. Even CHRISTINA AGUILERA is copying you. Do you think a fashion line is in the cards? Lady GaGa: Funny you should ask, because I just got off the phone with our house designer. Since the stuff I do for my stage show is so extravagant…it would be very expensive, but definitely something I would like to do down the line.

FW: Do you feel like there is an absence of strong pop icons today? LG: There hasn’t been a pop artist that’s really been able to break through the mainstream recently. I feel like music has gotten a little bit lazy over the past couple years. Stars have gotten too cool to show up for interviews, get dressed up for awards shows, and the like. I’m a real lady. I have a real respect for music and I just want to do very visually beautiful work and make fashion.

FW: Do you have any unique pre-performance rituals? LG: I wrote a monologue that I always read and the whole house prays.

FW: What is the weirdest gift you have ever gotten from a fan? LG: My fans are so great. They make incredible things for me — they give me disco sticks and crystal glasses. My favorite gift is a bracelet that says “love” with pink and lavender beads.

FW: What song are you most proud of on your new album? LG: “Paparazzi.” I love the chorus, lyrics…it’s so avant garde and ’70s.

Just so that response makes you feel even older, let it be noted that GaGa was born in 1986 — incidentally the same year that NKOTB launched.

So what do you think? Is Lady GaGa likely to rule the world one day or a just dancing one-hit wonder?

– Bess Devenow