Mosques, Churches, and Synagogues Made From Bullets and Guns


A menorah welded from handguns; a relic display containing “trigger finger” bones of fictional Catholic Saints; scale replicas of cathedrals, synagogues and mosques sculpted with artillery shells, tank parts and bullets — all of these are part of American artist Al Farrow’s Reliquaries series. There aren’t just weapons here: a piece of the Berlin Wall, a part of an Israeli Army issued Tefilin bag and rusted war antiquities excavated in France intermingle with bone and steel walls of Farrow’s model houses of worship. Whether topped with a crucifix, a six-point star or a crescent, the objects are powerful plays on history of religion and violence.

Al Farrow’s New Reliquaries are currently exhibited at the Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco, including his most recent and ambitious work Bombed Mosque, a meticulously detailed, 780-pound sculpture composed from 50,000 bullets.

Click through below to view a slideshow of his work.

Bombed Mosque. Courtesy Al Farrow

Synagogue. Courtesy Al Farrow

Cathedral. Courtesy Al Farrow

Menorah. Courtesy Al Farrow

Triger Finger of Santa da Guerra. Courtesy Al Farrow

Mosque III. Courtesy Al Farrow

Synagogue. Courtesy Al Farrow

Jawbone of Santa Guerra. Courtesy Al Farrow

Revelation. Courtesy Al Farrow

Bombed Mosque detail. Courtesy Al Farrow