The Best Fashion Moments from Lady Gaga's "Judas" Video


We thought we were going to have to wait until tonight to see Lady Gaga’s hotly anticipated “Judas” video. But it made its internet debut this morning — and, judging by how many of the original clips have come down, we’re pretty sure it leaked without the approval of the Gaga camp. Even so, you can still watch it over at Gawker.

As for the video itself, we love “Judas”: Rather than a high-concept collage like “Born This Way,” it casts Jesus and the apostles as a biker gang, with Gaga on board as a mash-up of the Holy Virgin and Mary Magdalene, and Judas played by Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead. There’s lots of south-of-the-border imagery, tons of dancing — and best of all, some of our favorite costumes and props of all time. Check out the video’s best fashion moments after the jump.

The “Judas” jacket

Jesus’ necklace of many, many crosses

Gaga and Jesus’ crowns

Crazy nails + Egyptian-inspired eye makeup

Hey there, Virgin of Guadalupe

Gold, jeweled mace

Star Trek Whoopi Goldberg meets The Borgias


Gothic Lolita + Marie Antoinette + Egyptian pharaoh