There Will Be a 'Human Centipede 3'


Exciting news for torture porn fans: Tom Six, the Dutch filmmaker behind the pop culture phenomenon that is The Human Centipede has already finished work on the horror film’s sequel, which he says makes the first look like My Little Pony. “People at the distribution company (IFC), at the first screening they had, some people walked away because they couldn’t handle the things they are seeing,” he recently told Entertainment Weekly . “But they absolutely love it.” Look for The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence to hit theaters early next fall.

Six also revealed to EW that he’s planning to make the franchise into a trilogy: “Three films makes a Human Centipede for me. Three can be the combination. What I want to do is make Human Centipede III: Final Sequence. And then I don’t want to make any Human Centipedes again. I’ve a terrific idea for it that’s completely different than 1 and 2 again. I think Part 3 will make Part 2 look like a Disney film.” Yay?