Photo Gallery: 50 of Our Favorite Cultural Icons and Their Moms


It’s T-minus 36 hours to Mother’s Day, and we’ve got you covered: If you haven’t picked the perfect gift for your mom yet, check out our famous mothers-inspired gift guide, as well as a list of books your mom will actually enjoy. (Seriously, the lady deserves better than this.) But if you’re running low on cash or your mother is that self-martyring type who yells when you spend your money on her, then we suggest the two of you plunk yourselves down in front of this post, which is sure to bring a smile to both of your faces. We’ve collected photos of 50 of our favorite cultural icons, from Mick Jagger and David Bowie to Amy Poehler and Christina Hendricks, with their moms. Consider it our Mother’s Day gift to you.

James Franco and his mom, children’s author Betsy

Amy Poehler and her mom, Eileen, in InStyle

Mick Jagger and his mom, Eva

Kurt Cobain and his mom, Wendy (with Courtney Love)

Alec Baldwin and his mom, Carol, in a Wegman’s commercial. Baldwin donated all the money he received for his appearance to the breast cancer research fund established in the name of Carol, a survivor.

Helena Bonham Carter and her mom, Elena [via]

Johnny Depp and his mom, Betty Sue [via]

Russell Brand and his mom, Barbara

Cher and her mom, Georgia Holt

Kanye West and his mom, Donda (R.I.P.)

Zooey Deschanel and her mom, Mary Jo [via]

Roseanne Barr and her mom, Helen [via]

Jesse Eisenberg and his mom, Amy [via]

Jeff Bridges, his wife Susan Geston, and his mom, Dorothy [via]

Sofia Coppola, with her dad Francis and mom Eleanor

Beyoncé Knowles and her mom, Tina [via]

David Bowie with his mom, Peggy, and ex-wife, Angie [via]

Ellen DeGeneres with her mom, Betty, and Portia de Rossi [via]

Lena Dunham and her mom, Laurie Simmons, in a scene from Tiny Furniture

Jay-Z with his mother, Gloria, and grandmother, Hattie White

A young Rihanna, with her mom Monica, Dad Ronald, and little brother, Rajad [via]

Maggie Gyllenhaal and her mom, Naomi [via]

Christina Hendrics and her mom, Jackie Stept [via]

Alicia Keys and her mom, Teresa Augello [via]

Conan O’Brien and his mom, Ruth [via]

Rachel Maddow and her mom, Elaine [via]

Nicki Minaj and her mom, Carol [via]

Sean Lennon and his mom, Yoko Ono [via]

Carey Mulligan and her (lookalike!) mom, Nano [via]

Tracy Morgan and his mother, Alicia [via]

Oprah and her mother, Vernita Lee [via]

Ellen Page and her mother, Martha Philpotts [via]

Divine and his mother, Frances Milstead [via]

Sarah Silverman and her mom, Beth Ann Halpin

Will Smith and his mom, Caroline

Andy Warhol and his mother, Julia [via]

Gwen Stefani, her son Kingston, and her mom, Patti [via]

Michelle Williams, her daughter Matilda, and her mom Carla [via]

John Lennon and his mom, Julia [via]

Tupac Shakur and his mother, Afeni [via]

Cyndia Lauper and her mother, Catrine [via]

Neil Patrick Harris and his mom, Sheila

Natalie Portman and her mom, Shelley [via]

Ryan Gosling and his mom, Donna [via]

Javier Bardem and his mom, Pilar [via]

Justin Timberlake and his mother, Lynn

Queen Latifah and her mother, Rita Owens [via]

A young Alexander Skarsgård and his mother, My [via]

Michael Jackson and his mother, Katherine [via]

Michelle Obama and her mom, Marion Robinson in Essence [via]