163 Surprisingly Gorgeous Vintage Beer Cans


When we came across this amazing collection of 163 (!) vintage beer cans over at Swiss Miss, we weren’t sure whether we’d rather get up for a cold one or keep clicking through the incredibly gorgeous designs. It gives us cause to wonder – why are we stuck with all these boring and/or totally ugly (we’re looking at you, FourLoko) designs on our modern beverages? Not only that, but we’re dying to pop open a can of M*A*S*H Beer or a Chief Oshkosh of Wisconsin. They just don’t make beer names like they used to. Click through to see all the cans, and check out the Flickr page here for all the closeups. If you still can’t get enough, there is also a recently published book, the aptly titled Beer, featuring images of the collection, so you can, you know, kick back with a beer and a book of beers. Just a thought.