The Best and Worst of Last Night's SNL with Tina Fey


As might have been expected, last night’s SNL was all about Osama bin Laden and Mother’s Day. Hosted by the incomparable (and very pregnant!) Tina Fey, we had high hopes for this episode. After all, Tina Fey can basically do no wrong, right? Well, she can do a little wrong. Just like most every SNL episode, this one had its rollicking high points, and terrible what-were-they-thinking low points, although to be fair, there were a few more bests than there were worsts. Click through to watch the best and worst skits from last night’s episode, and let us know your own favorites in the comments!

Best: Tina Fey’s Monologue

Maya Rudolph joins Fey on stage to sing about their “uterus hogs.” Enough said.

Worst: Mermaid

Even Tina Fey in mermaid gear couldn’t save this bizarre flop about Osama bin Laden’s body falling on Sebastian’s head. The word you’re looking for is ‘why?’

Best: GOP Debate

Ah, the long-awaited return of Fey’s Sarah Palin. Charms us every time. This skit boasted some of the best writing of the episode, as well as some relatively cheap but satisfying digs, like “I just hope tonight the lamestream media won’t twist my words by repeating them verbatim.” Preach!

Worst: Birthing Class

Though we do love Maya Rudolph, we hate it when SNL resorts to this kind of gross-out body noise humor. It may not actually be beneath them, but it should be.

Best: Digital Short: Jack Sparrow

Though the song isn’t as catchy as we’ve come to expect from the Lonely Island, it does feature Michael Bolton dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. Michael, we totally relate.

And, as always, the most hilarious moment of the show:

It just doesn’t get old.