Michelle Obama to Live Forever, Courtesy of Elizabeth Peyton


Obama portrait to Live Forever: A portrait of MICHELLE OBAMA and her daughter SASHA will now join ELIZABETH PEYTON’s exhibit — a decision that hinged on the outcome of the election. The exhibit, LIVE FOREVER: ELIZABETH PEYTON, opened to remarkable applause at THE NEW MUSEUM. It displays portraits of cultural icons like MARC JACOBS, JACKIE ONASSIS and KURT COBAIN. [Luxist]

Foster won’t work pro Bono: It seems that the foundering economy even affects rock stars. BONO is getting the shaft after developers halted construction on his luxury tower in Ireland. Designed by NORMAN FOSTER, the 400-foot U2 TOWER was going to be the tallest building in the country, one of the first luxury residential towers in Dublin and a starting point to make Dublin a “skyscraper city.” The ambitious project is lying dormant after developers were unable to sell enough apartments in the tower. [IHT]

A pricey, but tasty, Revelation: On Saturday BACARDI unveiled its decadent BOMBAY SAPPHIRE REVELATION — a $200,000-a-bottle collaboration that fuses liquor, crystal and design. The five luxury gin bottles — made of crystal and decorated with diamonds and sapphires — brought together crystal maker BACCARAT, jeweler GARRARD and designer KARIM RASHID. Totaling $1 million, the bottles will be displayed at airports around the world. Thankfully tonic still costs less than a dollar. [Moodie Report]

A new spin on Hirst: DAMIEN HIRST is teaming up with LEVI’S again to create a 12-piece denim line adorned with his signature skulls, spots and butterflies. Though jeans will sell for $230 and T-shirts for about $80, the spin-painted 501’s will be more of a splurge at an exorbitant $23,000. The classic Levi’s jeans will each feature an original Hirst painting — maybe bisected cows will pop up on our fashion radar soon? [BlackBook]

Hadid displayed in changing colors: A revolutionary and ever-changing portrait of ZAHA HADID went on display yesterday at London’s NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY. MICHAEL CRAIG-MARTIN’s piece shows a sketch drawing of the architect and an LCD display in the artwork causes the colors to shift slowly over time in an infinite number of combos. [Huliq]

– Iza Wojciechowska

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