Daily Poll: Is Shepard Fairey Street Art’s Fall Guy?


The Boston Globe reports that America’s favorite street artist, Shepard Fairey, faces 10 felony charges in Boston Municipal court today. “Fairey, 39, of Los Angeles, appeared in court expecting to face 10 misdemeanor complaints, but Judge Eleanor Coe Sinnott ruled that the original intent of the police and the court clerk was to issue felony complaints… Boston police arrested Fairey on Feb. 6 while he was en route to the Institute of Contemporary Art, which was hosting an event in his honor. Police said the arrest was in connection with a street art campaign that involved posters placed on a Massachusetts Turnpike Authority building near the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Newbury Street, as well as a 2000 warrant from Brighton Municipal Court.”

(Note, this is after they dismissed seven other charges Monday.)

Here’s the thing: We thought it was strange enough when he got picked up on the way to the first museum show honoring his work. And now he’s suddenly being hit with additional felony vandalism charges. Any legal types want to explain to us how this can happen? Sure, we’ve been kind of Shepard-ed out over the past few months (click here), but that doesn’t mean we think any of this sounds fair. Or makes sense considering all of the positive public attention he’s gotten over the past year.

Make up your minds people! You can’t throw a guy in the click and carry a Saks bag featuring his work.

So, what we’re wondering is:


Or maybe we’re just being dramatic and nothing serious will come of this, like the 45 billion other times he has been arrested. Regardless, with the AP suit still raging on, his legal fees must be outrageous.