Gallery: Giacomo Brunelli's Wild, Powerful Animal Photography


One of our favorite posts here at Flavorpill recently has been Houston artist Isa Leshko’s photographs of elderly animals. As well as being a fantastic achievement in its own right, Leshko’s work also called to mind the work of another artist who we greatly admire: Italian photographer Giacomo Brunelli. If Leshko’s photos capture a sense of quiet, stately dignity, Brunelli’s stark photos of animals at various stages of life (and death) are more visceral and unsettling, capturing the wildness that we often forget still remains in our domestic animals. The creatures in his photos are both familiar and alien, and the images are often startlingly powerful, an implicit reminder that for all that animals can be friendly and beautiful, they are Not Like Us. We’ve collected some of our favorites after the jump. See more at Brunelli’s website.