Awesome Infographic: LCD Soundsystem vs. Pitchfork


There are few more apt pairings than LCD Soundsystem and Pitchfork. Not only are they two of the most influential forces in independent music, but we have to assume the band and the webzine’s fans overlap by nearly 100 percent. Most importantly, both LCD and Pitchfork are major music nerds, throwing down obscure references at every opportunity. That synergy has led to one our favorite infographics in a while, comparing artists James Murphy name-drops in “Losing My Edge” with those Pitchfork mentioned in their song-by-song LCD retrospective. The result is pleasing both for your obsessive list-maker types and those who find either entity somewhat worthy of ridicule — and, of course, the large group that would fall into the center of that Venn diagram. [via I Love Charts]