What's On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we had a hard time deciding which one of Woody Allen’s many muses is our favorite — but it’s probably a toss up between Mia Farrow and Diane Keaton. We discovered ShelfLuv, a new website that allows you to manage a virtual reading list of your favorite titles and connect with friends and other like-minded readers. We tried to decide who had the best Civil War facial hair. We got a good look at the single most valuable piece of American comic art ever to sell. We watched five minutes of The Lion King recut into something that vaguely resembles The Wire. We got a peek at the script for HBO’s now-scrapped Nikki Finke-inspired pilot Tilda. We laughed out loud as we streamed the full Book of Mormon original cast recording — it’s so good! We celebrated author Roger Hargreaves’ 76th birthday with sixteen Mr. Men and Little Miss-themed Google Doodles. We were jealous of Mark Zuckerberg’s $7 million croquet lawn. We downloaded The Very Best’s Super Mom Mixtape. And finally, we considered making “Believe It Or Not” Salad — just one of the really odd dishes from the 1933 Congressional Cook Book — for dinner. It definitely sounds better than the Cheap Chicken (which is inexplicably made out of ham).