Hallucinate to Jen Stark’s New Dan Deacon-Soundtracked Animation


If your day isn’t turning out quite as trippy as you’d like it to, we’ve got the perfect solution: “Believer,” a new stop motion animation by Jen Stark, a Miami-based artist primarily known for her intricate paper sculptures, with music by Dan Deacon. The video will be on display as part of Stark’s two-person show Double Rainbow Rainbow, which opens tonight at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto. Click through to check it out, along with a few of Stark’s other, equally mind altering pieces that will be on display.

Jen Stark, “Believer,” 2011. Stop motion animation. Audio by Dan Deacon. Limited video edition of 10. Courtesy of Show & Tell Gallery

Jen Stark, Trinity, 2011. 25″ x 25″ x 15″. Wood, acrylic paint, resin.

Jen Stark, Pedestal, 2011. 40″ x 18″ x 18″ Acid-free paper, wood, foam-core, light. Courtesy of Show & Tell Gallery

Jen Stark, Counter Cosmo, 2011. 30″ x 30″ x 5″. Acid-free paper, wood.

Jen Stark, Double Rainbow Rainbow, 2011. 16″ x 20″. Archival giclee print. Limited edition of 50. Courtesy of Show & Tell Gallery

Jen Stark, Cosmic Strings, 2011. 26″ x 20″. Felt-tip pen on paper. Courtesy of Show & Tell Gallery