Mindy Kaling Might Quit Writing for ‘The Office’


In what could prove to be much graver news for The Office than Steve Carell’s recent departure, TV Squad is reporting that Mindy Kaling could be done with the writing part of her gig — at least according to Paul Lieberstein, who not only plays Toby, but is also an executive producer of the series and the current showrunner. He’s being kind of vague, but it sounds like the issue is with Kaling having time to pursue other projects; she has a book of humor essays due out this fall (that — surprise! –we can’t wait for!) and is currently filming Five-Year Engagement with Emily Blunt, Alison Brie, and Jason Segel. So we get it, she’s a busy and important lady. That said, considering that she’s responsible for some of the only funny episodes of the current season (“Classy Christmas,” “Michael’s Last Dundies”), it makes us even more worried about the future of the series. It might finally be time for us to take it out of our DVR queue. What do you think?