Film’s Greatest Raunchy Women-in-Comedy Moments


Well, it’s official: the received wisdom that comedies for women don’t make money is complete and utter crap. The glowingly reviewed, Kristen Wiig-penned and -starring Bridesmaids exceeded the studio’s wildest projections, earning $24.6 million (nearly $10 million more than anticipated) and debuting at #2. To celebrate the film — and further disprove the notion that ladies can’t do slapstick, gross-out comedy — we’ve compiled our favorite raunchy women-in-comedy moments. From sexual come-ons to birth to bodily fluids, the top ten are after the jump. Let us know what you’d add in the comments.

Amy Poehler pees in the sink, Baby Mama

Like Bridesmaids, 2008’s Baby Mama was a showcase for the women of SNL. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hilarious together, as an uptight professional and the working-class, South Philly woman she hires to carry her child, respectively. Things quickly get too close for comfort when Angie (Poehler) shows up at Kate’s (Fey) apartment with no place to live. Soon after she moves in, Kate is treated to the scene above, in which Angie can’t figure out how to open a baby-proof toilet seat and relieves herself in the sink instead.

Kathy Bates gets nasty in the hot tub, About Schmidt

Despite the fact that she isn’t a 19-year-old size 2 with rock-hard abs, Kathy Bates has always been fearless about baring her body. In 1991’s Fried Green Tomatoes, she answers her door wearing nothing more than some plastic wrap. But her real moment of hilarious triumph came in 2002’s About Schmidt, which saw Bates’s Roberta Hertzel stripping down to get in the hot tub and making a balls-out pass at Jack Nicholson’s Warren Schmidt.

Alyson Hannigan finishes the band camp story, American Pie

If you were a teenager during the summer of 1999, chances are you couldn’t go a day without hearing (or saying) “This one time, at band camp…” This was, of course, the refrain of Alyson Hannigan’s Michelle, the band geek who is Jim’s (Jason Biggs) last-resort prom date. In this clip, Michelle shows her true colors: “This one time at band camp,” she tells a clearly uninterested Jim, “I stuck a flute in my pussy.” Cue spit take. As it turns out, “That’s what half of band camp is — sex ed.” Michelle goes on to seriously school Jim between the sheets.

Cameron Diaz’s “hair gel,” There’s Something about Mary

In one of gross-out comedy’s most famous scenes, Ben Stiller’s Ted preps for his dream date with Mary (Cameron Diaz) by relieving some, er, built-up sexual tension. But when he comes to the door with the residue of said activity stuck to his ear, Mary assumes it’s hair gel — and uses it to style her own ‘do. Spoiler alert: It might look like gel, but it’s not a good substitute.

Tracey Ullman gets “the itch” in A Dirty Shame

John Waters’ most recent movie (note to John: please make more!), 2004’s A Dirty Shame, stars the inimitable Tracey Ullman as Sylvia Stickles, a Baltimore woman who is transformed by a blow to the head from “neuter” to “pervert.” Ullman raunches it up throughout the movie, but we especially enjoy this scene, where she’s on a sexual rampage — and is, in fact, so horny her hooha starts talking.

Rose McGowan’s “big stick” in Jawbreaker

In the dark 1999 comedy Jawbreaker, Rose McGowan plays a singularly effed up high-school queen bee. One scene has her getting down with her then-boyfriend Marilyn Manson (looking even sketchier than usual) in her dead friend’s bed. We think her finest moment of raunch comes in the clip above, which has her teasing and humiliating her jock boyfriend with the help of a rather phallic popsicle.

Jane Lynch propositions Steve Carell, The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Before she was Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch played Paula, Andy’s (Steve Carell) electronics-store boss in 2005’s The 40-Year-Old Virgin. In the film that launched Judd Apatow to film-comedy dominance, Paula broaches the issue of “fuck buddies” with Andy, sings him the Guatemalan love ballad her gardener sang to her before he deflowered her, and promises him that she’s “very discreet.”

Katherine Heigl gives birth, Knocked Up

Speaking of Judd Apatow, the film he made after The 40-Year-Old Virgin, 2007’s Knocked Up, featured another one of cinema’s great lady gross-out moments. About four minutes into this NSFW clip, you’ll find birth control that makes the abstinence-only crowd’s nuttiest scared-straight propaganda look mild.

Emma Stone “puts on a little show,” Easy A

Last year’s unexpectedly wonderful 21st-century Scarlet Letter update cast Emma Stone as Olive, a nobody-turned-school slut — who is actually still a virgin. After she lies about sleeping with a college guy, rumors of her sexual exploits get around. Her gay friend Brandon (Dan Byrd) asks her to pretend to have sex with him at a party, to put an end to his bullying. Watch the loud, funny result in the clip above.

Meg Ryan fakes it, When Harry Met Sally

The classic. In 1989’s When Harry Met Sally, Billy Crystal’s Harry thinks he’s a big stud — until Meg Ryan’s Sally sets him straight about orgasms (and women’s faking thereof) in a very public setting. You’ll never look at New York landmark Katz’s again after watching the video above, but you might just want a bite of “what she’s having.”