Can’t Afford Camp Cucamonga? Spend the Summer with Flavorwire!


Yes, it’s that time again. We’re going on an intern hunt. We hate describing what we look for in a good candidate, so we’re going to cheat and quote Kelly Cutrone in this week’s episode of The Hills to get the ball rolling: “Somebody who is honest. Somebody who is committed. Someone who knows how to support.” We’d also like it if you’re a fast, funny writer with a more-than-casual interest in a handful of the categories that Flavorwire covers. An appreciation of both high and low culture is important (bonus points if you get as tickled as we do anytime the two collide), as well as the ability to take story assignments and run with them. Previous blogging experience is great, but it’s not a deal breaker if you don’t speak the html. We can teach you!

We’d prefer to find New York-based candidates so that we can challenge you to games of Wii, whisk you around on the office scooter, and keep you happy with free cereal and energy drinks, but strong writers who are willing to telecommute will also be considered. We’d also prefer if you’re a rising senior or a recent college grad in search of your life’s path. (That said, we’re not ageist. We’d happily hire a baby or an old if you can churn out good material.) You must be able to work 3 or more days per week and commit to at least two months *IN BLOOD. Send a resume along with a short sample post of something you can imagine running on our site to

* Not really, we just like how dramatic that sounds. Plus, it’s a way to weed out the type of person who scares easily. Things can get pretty hairy here at Flavorpill HQ (see here) and bravery in the face of editorial adversity is a must.