10 Self-Congratulatory Songs to Strut Your Stuff To


It’s a pretty common phenomenon for singers and rappers to write songs about how awesome they are, and that makes sense. Musicians have a lot to be proud of. They work long hours, they have to churn out new songs all the time, and their wallets are sometimes too small for their fifties. Just kidding! We all know that lyrical bragging is part of the bedrock of hip-hop, and is a distinct presence in other genres, and we’re cool with that, but sometimes a song comes along that is literally only about how great the singer is, and we think that deserves some special mention. Not that it’s necessarily a value judgement – these songs range from Charlie Sheen-level winning to actual greatness worthy of their own lyrics. After all, we all know that when Nicki Minaj says she’s the best, she’s not bragging. She’s just being realistic. So take a listen, brush your shoulders off, and let us know which of your favorites we’ve missed in the comments.

Smoked Sugar — “I’m A Winner”

The cool, mellow side of winning.

The Dollyrots — “Because I’m Awesome”

This song even has an embedded admirer, just to give listeners a proper example of how to react.

The Clash — “Clash City Rockers”

Oh, if only there was a real town made up of the Clash and the Clash alone.

P. Diddy — “Bad Boys For Life”

Anybody who hits a black golf ball through Ben Stiller’s window is a winner in our eyes.

Ringo Starr — “I’m the Greatest”

Oh, Ringo. The fact that John had to write this song for you kind of undermines your point.

MIMS — “This is Why I’m Hot”

This is why nobody likes you.

Nicki Minaj — “I’m the Best”

She’s the best bitch doin’ it.

DJ Khaled — “All I Do Is Win”

No matter what.

Keri Hilson — “Pretty Girl Rock”

A song like this is just begging for someone to deny the singer’s prettiness. Alas, with Keri Hilson, that’s a losing argument.

Right Said Fred — “I’m Too Sexy”

The indisputable champ, lip-synched to by budding, embarrassed teenagers in bedrooms everywhere.