F5 Creative Fest: We Have a Winner!


On Monday we asked who inspires you, in hopes that we’d get a really awesome answer and we could send that person (and a guest) to tomorrow’s F5 Creative Fest. We found one! And turns out he’s working on a very personal documentary film project at the moment. Read the winning submission, after the jump. Thanks for playing!

while artists and designers inspire me creatively, my grandfather is the one who frames all that inspiration around the simple notion of hard work. he grew up poor in Savannah during the great depression, worked small jobs his whole life, earned a scholarship to college, married the petty girl, served in WWII in the Pacific, started his own company (first office a broom closet), raised 5 children, and took bold steps to forge the life he wanted to live. my film director brother and i recently started production on a documentary about his story.