Can Text Messages Become Art?


In this age, anything’s possible. Last week, NYLON alerted us to T_XT_RT, a group exhibition at the Jenkins Johnson Gallery in New York, which focuses on dissecting the changing relationship between text — especially the short, abbreviated texts of our modern age — and art. The exhibition explores this idea through a wide variety of mediums, from neon lights to repurposed GameBoys to altered books. Maybe this is the perfect way to make those 160-character missives we all love so much actually mean something. Click through to see a few highlights from the exhibition and check it out at the Jenkins Johnson Gallery in NYC until June 25th.

Glenn Ligon, Condition Report, iris print with serigraph.

Tim Etchells, Shouting Your Demands, neon sign.

Jeremy Bert, Affirmative, re-appropriated channel letters.

Tim Etchells, Red Sky at Night, 9-inch balloons, helium, strings, H-O-P-E letters.

Christine Wong Yap, think good thoughts/fortify good attitudes, ribbon, thread, pins.

Burt Ritchie, Alabama Bathroom Walls, archival digital print and ink on glass.

Mena Kamel, but it’s so close to home, cut vinyl.

Tim Etchells, Let’s Pretend, neon sign.