We Cast the Movie about CBGB’s Golden Age


New York’s punk-rock Holy of Holies may now be a John Varvatos store, but at least CBGB will live on in film. A cadre of producers, including Lisa Kristal Burgman, the daughter of late CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, are making a movie about the club’s mid-’70s heyday. At first glance, the project sounds promising. For one thing, the team is doing its homework: producers have been interviewing the artists who called CBGB home, and because of Burgman’s connections, securing music rights shouldn’t be a problem. If all goes well, CBGB should start filming in late fall. In the mean time, we’ll be interested to see the casting announcements. We’ve posted our suggestions for who should play Hilly, Patti Smith, Joey Ramone, and more after the jump.

Tommy Chong as Hilly Kristal

First of all, check out the resemblance. Then there’s the fact that both are counterculture icons. And finally, while the voices aren’t an exact match, listen to Kristal talk here and tell us you don’t hear a bit of the slacker drawl.

Charlotte Gainsbourg as Patti Smith

An inspired musician and non-traditional beauty playing another inspired musician and non-traditional beauty? Sounds like the perfect fit to us. And we’re sure Patti would be tickled to be portrayed by the offspring of Serge Gainsbourg.

Adrien Brody as Johnny Thunders

Aside from the obvious resemblance, we Johnny Thunders might well be a complex role — making Adrien Brody the perfect Oscar winner for the job.

Elisha Cuthbert as Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry was all about the open, fresh-faced, wide-eyed, but also sort of icy look. We think Elisha Cuthbert could nail it.

Alexander Arnold as Joey Ramone

As UK Skins’ resident metal kid, Alexander Arnold has the shaggy-haired, leather-jacketed, scowl-sporting rocker down pat. It’s like he’s been training to play Joey Ramone!