The Flavorpill Mixtape: Bon Iver, Ladytron, Memory Tapes


Another week, another round of grabby new tracks for us to hand over to you, dear Flavorpill readers. This week we have Bon Iver’s haunting new number “Calgary,” Makin Frienz’s jittery “Situation,” and a new installment from the too-long-reclusive Ladytron. Dig on in, and remember to right click + “Save As” to download each track or follow the link to download the whole mix at the bottom of the post.

1. “DNA” by Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez, whose video for “DNA,” above, is bound to become our choreography project in the next few months, is going to be criss-crossing the United States on tour over the summer — not to mention releasing his songs in actual physical form later this month. Rejoice!

2. “Calgary” by Bon Iver

More than two years after his debut LP, Bon Iver is coming back out of the woodwork, dropping his second CD on June 21st. Judging by “Calgary,” his fans won’t be disappointed: the track is as intricate, interesting, and achingly delicate as anything he’s put out to date.

3. “Wait in the Dark” by Memory Tapes

The Memory Tapes album Player Piano is coming your way this summer, and we’re looking forward to it. “Wait in the Dark” is just bubbly enough that it manages to keep its cool.

4. “Situation” by Making Frienz

“Situation” is a joyous, romping disco-meets-arena-meets-afterhours-club jam, the kind that we want to inject directly into our brains. It’s already our summer jam.

5. “White Elephant” by Ladytron

After three Ladytron-free years, the dry spell is finally about to break with a new album bearing the awesome title Gravity The Seducer. “White Elephant” is a lovely warm-up, rhythmic and slow but pulsing with energy.

6. “No One Can Touch Us Tonight” by jj

What is it with Swedes and pop? Those Scandinavians must have some muscles attuned to the melodic, at least based on this new track from jj. It’s available for free, along with the flipside of the single, “Ice,” at their website. Go gorge.

7. “Always Like the Son” by Release the Sunbird (click through to download)

Release the Sunbird is the new project by Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave, boasting a more acoustic, Americana-conscious sound. Look for the new album, Come Back to Us, on shelves July 26th.

8. “Sofija” by Jesse Ruins

Japanese dreamscape manufacturer Jesse Ruins’ latest is the sweeping, shimmering number “Sofija,” which is shades of M83 with some Prefuse 73 thrown in.

9. “Rolling in the Heat” (The Heatwave Refix) by Adele and Jamie xx [ft. Cecile, Mr. Lee, and Timberlee]

The biggest hit of the year so far gets a funky twist from Jamie xx, an amalgam more than a remix that looks at the song through the other end of a sonic kaleidoscope (so to speak).

10. “The Breaks” by Planningtorock (click through to download)

Planningtorock’s pop distortions are as oddly catchy as they are clever, and “The Breaks” seems to take the traditional structure of a pop song and gut it without losing the essential, sugary beat.

11. “Shadow” by Blouse

Blouse are a new — at least to our ears — act with a 7″ due out on Sub Pop this year. We like the cut of their jib, and the airy, cotton candy vocals on “Shadow.”

Download the whole mix here.