Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


Oh, the life of being a single twenty something in New York… Whether you’re tripping over sprawled out bodies at the Whitney or filming a scene while being tied up in a bathroom covered in fake blood (we hope it was), you may find your Cultural Missed Connection in the most unpredictable of scenarios. Because coffee-shop romance is so obvious.

Electric Earth Installation at The Whitney – m4w – 21 (Upper East Side) Whoever you were, you were way into this Doug Aitken video installation… I walked in on loungin’ out on the floor watching each segment of the movie seperately, totally enthralled. It was cute cuz you did not give a fuck about everyone else there. We did make eye contact a few times but I wasn’t tryin’ to be a creep (though I guess now I am). For what it’s worth, I had a beard, a camera, sketchbook, and little green hat. Curious to see if you’d actually check here.

Peeps who mistake museum floors for couches aren’t cute, they’re annoying. But so are little green hats…

The Faint – 4/11 – Girl in red/w glasses – m4w (Lower East Side) I lost you in the crowd after the show has ended and emptied down into the club. You and your glasses wearing friend hung around the club for a bit – We smiled at each other a few times, but I lost you in the crowd before I could say anything. You had some sort of red clothing-thing on. So hello, I hope you enjoyed the show.

“Some sort of red clothing-thing on” makes us LOL. Hipsters and their damn complicated one-piece jumpsuits.

Coat check girl at the Bell House – m4w – 23 (Gowanus, Brooklyn) Hi! You checked my coat at the Nada Surf show. We joked about my name–Mr. Manley. I thought you had a beautiful smile. I wanted to ask your name, but got nervous, and then there was a line behind me. Can I buy you coffee or a drink? 🙂 Tim

Sorry Timmy, but posting a Missed Connection isn’t too “manley”. Neither is the name Timmy.

Missy from the film shoot today! – m4w – 26 (Brooklyn, NY) You, blonde, tall, pink sweater, i think you work in the arts department. I think you’re very pretty and that we should get to know each other and hang out, and whom am i? the guy tied up in the bathroom with blood dripping all over his face:-) Chances are you would probably not see this but if you do, shoot me an email. If you do see this, let me know what i had on my body in terms of clothing while tied up in the bathroom soi know its you.

Oh hi, I was tied up in the bathroom with a bloody face, call me! This is why online romance gets a bad rap.

Brunette/ Bret Michaels concert/ The Chance – m4w – 27 (pok chance) Long shot… I saw you at The Chance for the Bret Michaels concert last night. You’re pretty tall, and you were wearing white pants with a pink shirt. You were online behind me a little and with some friends. I was with a girl, yet I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I caught your eye a couple of times. When we left, you were outside by main st with you friends. As we walked past, our eyes definitely caught again. I would normally never do this, but i couldn’t stop thinking about you. Maybe you read this, maybe you don’t. But at least I tried and don’t have to wonder what if….

(Rock) of Love at a Bret Michaels concert? Brilliant.

YouTube Symphony party at Le Poisson Rouge – w4m – 27 (Greenwich Village) You were the boy DJing from the soundboard at the beginning and end of the open-mic YouTube show last night. You have short brown hair and were wearing jeans and a buttondown blue shirt. I asked one of the bartenders for your name and they said it was Roman. I tried to catch your eye a few times but it looked like you were working. Will you see this??

“Will you see this??” kills us.