New ‘True Blood’ Trailer Introduces Bon Temps’ Witch Coven


The first trailer for Season 4 of True Blood surfaced last week, but for all its dramatic panning and fang-baring, it didn’t give us much insight into what we’ve got to look forward to when premiere airs June 26th. Although the new preview is similarly brief, it’s also a bit more substantive: The clip opens on Pam giving Sookie (who may well be her romantic rival by now) some intriguing advice. More importantly, we meet Bon Temps’ new witch coven, which apparently includes Lafayette and plans to raise the dead. As Bill points out, “If they can control the dead, then they can control us” — that is, vampires. Meanwhile, if all you want out of a True Blood promo is biting, gasping, and heavy petting, well, this one delivers those things, too.

[via io9]